czr.js is a library for interacting with canonchain nodes.


First, you need to put czr.js into your project.

You can do this using:

npm install czr

After that, you need to start the local Canonchain node and instantiate czr.

Canonchain download: http://dev.canonchain.com/download.html

Canonchain command line: https://canonchain.readthedocs.io/zh/latest/source/Command-Line-Interfaces.html

Port used by default


let Czr = require("czr");
let czr = new Czr();// Use by default

// If you want to modify the port, please set the following
// Example
// const options = {
//     host: "",
//     port: 8888
// };
// let czr = new Czr(options);

//Now you can use the czr object
czr.request.status().then(function (res) {
    console.log("accountList catch",error)